Helping Your Club

As a member of our club, you are obligated to take your turn at cleaning the pavilion for one week during the season and for preparing at least one after match meal. Do not worry, if you have not done any of this before as there will be plenty of more experienced members to offer advice!

We have produced notes to explain to new members how the Club works and also to remind existing members of the same facts and possibly one or two things that they have not come across so far.

A bowls club does not run itself. All the work is undertaken by members. Much of it is very enjoyable and satisfying. To fully take part in the club, why not offer your services for some of the following, not exhaustive list of tasks:

If you would like to help, then please contact any Committee Member.

mowing during the wintermixing for the ditches
    Mowing during the winter            Mixing concrete for the ditches    repairing ditches the new mower

  Laying the concrete                       Learning about the mower                             

  repairing ditches summer

Summer care for the green                       Aerating the green