On this page we hope to capture any interesting photographs, articles, extracts of documents and recollections from older members.

We are embarking on a trawl through the records that are currently stored in the pavilion for any noteworthy material.

If you have any interesting contributions, then please submit them to our Historian.

At a public meeting in the village hall on November 30th 1925 it was agreed to form Byfleet Bowls Club. We know that bowling started on our green from the following extract from The History of Byfleet Parish Council by Andy Andrews:

" A tender from Messrs G.Berry and Son to build a bowls pavilion in Byfleet recreation ground was accepted in July 1925, on condition that it be finished by October 1st. The bowling green was opened on May 1st 1926 by Mr Stoop.
Mrs Stoop 'threw' the first jack and Mr Stoop bowled the first wood. The opening was followed by tea and a 'smoking concert' in the village hall.

For those that wish to read more, we have included Andy's research page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 here. Unfortunately, he was unable to finish it before his death.

We hope to establish a relationship with the Byfleet Heritage Society. The Heritage Society asked people to submit their memories of Byfleet to them. The following is an extract from item 37 "on growing up in Byfleet in the 1950's" from Richy Hales :

".....The recreation ground was a popular place. In the early 50’s, we would use the paddling pool with our parents alongside and play on the swings. Once we were about nine or ten we would go to the “rec” alone and it was a popular meeting place particularly at weekends where we could play cricket and football. There were two park keepers during my early teens who would keep an eye on us. Their pride and joy was the bowling green, which I must say was kept up to a very high standard. Rather than ignore us the park keepers would even allow us to play a game of bowls,which to our surprise we enjoyed very much....."

The picture below was recently found in the pavilion. It shows the players from Byfleet and the Surrey Executive played in 1928. Does anyone know the names of the players? Also, who is the gentleman peering over the fence?

surrey v byfleet 1928

Byfleet versus Surrey Executive - 1928               

Another interesting snippet from the past is an extract from The Whos Who and Encyclopedia of Bowls published in 1959. which mentions the Byfleet Wanderers Bowls Club who were based on our green. Whatever happened to them?

Parish Day Cup

Since 1969, Byfleet Bowls Club have competed with West Byfleet Bowls Club for the Parish Day Cup. To date, Byfleet are narrowly ahead, but unfortunately, the results of three years matches are not known.